Jérôme Leuba : battlefield #27 / unlimited



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battlefield #27 / unlimited, vidéo en boucle (16:9), 8’21’’, 2007  

The artist was locked up all night long in the main hall of Art Unlimited at Art Basel, the day before the setting up of all the galleries and their works. This «battlefield» of the art world shows a sequence of travelling shots offering the subjective vision of a night wandering inside a half-lit white-walled space. The soundtrack is made of natural narrative incentives: barking dogs, thunder, crickets, etc. Our perception of the scale of this space is problematized, the rather abstract quality of the images evoking as diverse references as a video game, a white cube or an abstract narrative. The interest is to be immersed in projective spaces, through a scale-model like reality. This «set» becoming a container for any filmic tale.